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Monday, 4 May 2015


Central Midlands League
North Division
Was kindly offered a lift by Buxton based hopper Ian Oldfield and Id not been to Welbeck's new ground, so took up on the opportunity. We arrived early to get our programmes, but since my last visit to Welbeck, they have begun to do club mugs for £4, so another one had to be had for my collection.
We popped down the hill to the local pub and sat in the sunshine as the traffic roared by on a pleasant afternoon before heading back up to the ground, that was now filling up with hoppers from all over the UK.
A good chat with everyone and then got the teamsheets, but unknown to us Phoenix' was incorrect and had their 2 forwards the wrong way round as numbers 9 and 10, so when tweeting as the goals went in, I was tweeting the wrong goalscorers, so this is a blog has the correct ones!
We didn't have to wait long for the first goal as Phoenix on their first attack after 2 minutes had the ball in the net through ADAM BOOTH and not Gorman as I'd tweeted.  Phoenix pushed forward but Sipson in the home goal was playing a blinder coming out and smothering everything. After 29 minutes though, he had no chance when ADAM BOOTH doubled his side's lead and as they say like buses they come in twos and this was the case as in the 32nd minute, ROB GORMAN added a third(not booth as tweeted).
Half time came and as the hoppers gathered with their refreshments, the home manager wasn't too happy with some of his players as they hadn't gone in the changing room, so came out to get them in with a few choice words used.
After 65 minutes, ADAM BOOTH made it 4-0 and completed his hat trick and home defender Nathan Ward wasn't best pleased with the rest of his side. With in 4 minutes, ROB GORMAN made it 5-0 and the defender just lost it and the referee had no alternative but to show him the red card to which he wasn't happy about, but his own players were telling him to get off the pitch.
Welbeck now had a uphill battle on their hands to save this game going to double figures, but had a good 5 minutes where they looked likely to score, but on 77 minutes KIERON GALLAGHER made it 6-0.  On 84 minutes, ADAM BOOTH scored his 4th and his sides 7th of the game and you just felt sorry for Welbeck who were trying but it just wasn't good enough. 87 minutes saw HYDEN MARKLEW get in on the act and make the final score 8-0 to Phoenix.
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