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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Central Midlands League: North Division

Been meaning to get to Bilsthorpe FC for some time this season as they played Nottinghamshire FC in the Notts FA Intermediate Cup and their Chairman Stef Hopewell kindly sent a donation towards this Blog's Charity and I wanted to thank him personally. Having looked at the fixtures, it gave me a great opportunity to do that, also I know the players and management have been working hard doing a lot of ground improvements to reach Step 6 level of football.
On arrival, I was met by Club Manager Wayne Savage and helped him just carry a few bits to the canteen, before meeting Stef who gave me some Blsthorpe programmes for the Notts Senior league Hop Programme Charity Stall, then York based hopper John McClure arrived and handed me some programmes as well long with some Northern Wisdom magazines.
As we were having a cuppa, Football Traveller Editor, Chris Bedford arrived, just after Id got the line up's from both sides, so it was off to pitchside in the blazing sun, it was t-shirt weather today.
The game kicked off and it was Askern who looked the more dangerous and the signs were on the wall and after the homesters failed to clear their lines after just 6 minutes, JOE BRYON sprinted through and gave the visitors a derserved lead.
This seemed to spark Bilsthorpe in to action and Carter and Cliff both went close. As we were heading in to injury time of the first half, a ball was played through and TRISTRAN BURRELL made no mistake in levelling things up.
The teams came out for the second half and the late first half goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of Askern as it was now Bilsthorpe on the front foot, getting to the ball first time and seemed a step quicker and on 49 minutes, MARK CARTER put the home side ahead.
Bilsthope pushed forward in search of more goals but had to wait until the 79th minute, when the strangest goal of the season happened, a ball played in to the box, was hit towards goal, that was deflected and struck Tony Sykes in the Askern net in the privates, the ball seemed to bounce out to Askern's Michael Attard who seemed to poke the ball past his own keeper, much to the amusement of the home players.
Must thank Chris Bedford for his kind donation to the Blog's Charity and with the goals scored at the match, now takes the total up to £456.25.
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