Each year, me and my wife Hazel have decided to help a Charity, by donating 25p every goal we see at the matches we attend. Over the years, people and clubs have also donated as we have visited the grounds and we have raised over £2,300 in the 3 seasons we have run the Blog.
During the 2014-15 season, we are supporting "Support Dogs" who train Dogs to transform lives of people with Autism and other disabilities. So if you would like to make a donation(no matter how small) and you see me at a match, please come up to me or Hazel, we would be very grateful. All Donators will get a mention on the blog.


Sunday, 3 August 2014


UCL/Peterbough League Groundhop
Yaxley FC 3 Long Buckby FC 1
Riverside FC 3 Uppingham Town FC 1
Peterborough Sports FC 1 Bugbrooke St Michaels FC 1
Charity Programme Stall raised £41.40
The day began with me and  Hazel and Shawn getting up at 5am and on the road for 6.30am towards Yaxley in the rain from Mansfield, as we reached Newark the rain stopped and the sun was trying its best to shine. On arrival at 7.30am we was greeted by the Yaxley FC Chairman who had a chat to us before getting on with his jobs. Terry and Dave arrived to set up their badge stall and Shawn went to help them and pester them as well lol
It was good to meet up with all the hoppers old and new and UK Punk introduced himself and kindly made a donation to the blogs charity, so a massive thankyou to him and all those who also made donations and bought programmes from the stall.
With the stall I don't usually see much of the games, Yaxley was a lovely ground and me, Craig Dabbs and Hugh were given a guided tour of the ground and new changing rooms and building. Hazel won first prize in the raffle £20!
After half time we headed for Riverside FC which was only a few minutes away, a nice clubhouse and a nice greeting from the chairman. The had put up a gazebo and offered us to use it for the programme stall but we let Terry and Dave use it. This tome I won the raffle, a family day ticket for Eastern Railways but we donated it back to the club for them to auction it off amongst the players for club funds.
We then left and set off for Netherton United FC but we couldn't find it and got totally lost and as the rain began to spot, so we gave up and headed to Peterborough Sports FC where I caught the last few minutes of their A team friendly on the far pitch, just on the final whistle, the rain hammered down for a hour and we sat in the car that began to flood,
We set up the Gazebo at this game and blow me the sun came out and shone grrrrr! Thee game ended up in a 1-1 draw and I was one ticket off winning the raffle again. A nice chicken curry was had at this game and then it was to say goodbye to the hoppers until Craig Dabb's Bedfordshire Hop in October.
Well Done to Chris & Laurence and also both the UCL and Peterborough League Clubs for making the weekend a great success, we will be back next season with the stall.
Dates of future Hops:
6th September 2014: Guernsey Trip
20th September 2014: North Berkshire Hop
11th October 2014: Bedfordshire Hop(Charity Stall & Notts Hop Tickets available)
6th-8th March 2015: Welsh Spring Hop
21-22th March 2015: Scottish Lowlands Hop
2-4th April 2015: NCEL Hop
24-25th April: Notts Senior League Hop

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